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Tips for Living With Fibromyalgia?

I have fibromyalgia, any tips you could give that may help relieve my symptoms?

    • Try to Learn as much as possible and understand your condition.
    • Stress plays a major contribution to the disease try to use psychological and physical techniques to reduce tension in the body and self-directed anger or frustration. Sometimes visiting a counsellor or psychiatrist will help teach you coping techniques. Tackle any stress or unhappiness at home or at work. My advice usually if it causes you stress either fix it or get rid of it.
    • Fatigue is a major symptom which is frustrating to the patient so learn Pace your daily activities. For example if it takes 1 hour to get out of bed , sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Another example is when doing physical activities do what you can then rest don’t try to compare yourself with others
    • Research has shown exercise improves fatigue and sleep. Follow a graded programme of physical activity (for example swimming, walking or cycling), starting gently and gradually building up.
    • Share your experiences with other people. Talk to your family, close friends, colleagues. This way they get to understand what your going through. It also helps them to accommodate you.
    • Avoid tea, coffee (and any other forms of caffeine) and alcohol close to bedtime. These interfere with sleep. Sleep has a big role in the science of the disease.
    • Try not to sleep during the day.
    • Avoid watching TV and using computers, tablets or smartphones in your bedroom.
    • Eat a balanced diet and keep to a healthy weight. Research has shown that junk food has lots of oxidants that potentially can worsen the disease. My advice is because I know they will never stop junk food I encourage them to reduce the quantity and get substitutes like fruits whenever they want to junk.
    • Stop smoking. Smoking has been shown to worsen the disease.